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   Posted 11/14/2015 2:02 PM (GMT -5)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
Since I upgraded to Windows 10, I can't edit Finalescript files or folders IN FINALE 2010. I am not talking about in the palette, but in the text files in the Components directory itself. If I try to move a folder that is not in the place I want it in the Finalescript palette, I can't move it or it goes someplace unpredictable. Either that or worse yet, it saves the attempted-moved-folder as "obsolete" and all my scripts in the folder go into a black hole. They're still saved on my computer and I can find them but this is creating a lot of extra work. I used to be able to edit the scripts and folder placement in a simple text editor. Now I can't do that anymore. Thus, I cannot get a folder that got misplaced put back to where it should be.

I process files in a particular order as I arrange hymns for various instruments. So on the attached file whish is a screen shot of the palette, the folder named "84) 84 - Viola" should be between "83) 92 - String Bass from Tuba (OLD)" and "96) 88 - Cello from Bb Baritone BC (OLD)":

83) 92 - String Bass from Tuba (OLD)
84) 84 - Viola
96) 88 - Cello from Bb Baritone BC (OLD)

Instead it's AFTER "94) 80 - Violin from Flute (Obsolete)

Does anyone know how to edit the files and folders in the Components directory (OR the Finalescript palette) to get things back into the desired order? Remember I'm still using Finale 2010 because I have thousands of scripts that I can't take the time to rewrite if I upgrade to a later version of Finale that uses xml files for scripts.
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