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   Posted 7/10/2002 5:57 PM (GMT -5)    Quote This PostAlert An Admin About This Post.
I just purchased my new iMac flat-panel
and am using it with my MidiMan 2x2 USB
Midi interface. After beating my head to a
bloody pulp on the keyboard not being
able to run Finale 2002 in OSX, I had
resigned myself to the fact that I was
going to have to dual-boot to 9.2 in order
to get it to work, like I did with my G3
PowerBook. No biggie, even though
Every Other Friggin Application on the
Planet is now Carbonized - It's ok, I figure,
I'll just bite the bullet and boot into 9.2
whenever I need to get any score work
done, and then use X for everything else.
Good excuse to go and get coffee during
the reboot is what I'm figuring. But first, I
thought to myself, since I've got a clean
system to work with, I might as well just
try stuff - worst thing that could happen is
that I would hose things so badly that I'd
have to format and reinstall, which I was
going to do anyway. Imagine my surprise
when I installed my midi drivers, OMS,
and Finale, and *just for grins* decided to
try running OMS in classic. Imagine my
surprise when I heard those sweet,
golden words, "Midi Received" while
testing my studio! My jaw dropped -- but
wait, it must be too good to be true -- is
Finale going to let me enter music into
the score? Yes!!!!! (at this point, think of
Archimedes jumping out of his bathtub
and running around exclaiming "Eureka!"
after discovering the scientific principle of
Water Displacement. Ok, well, maybe not
quite that momentous, but it did solve a
problem that numerous people on this
board have posted about...)

Here's how I did it:

1. After I took the iMac out of its box and
set it up, the first thing I did was to boot to
the OS9.2 CD and repartition the hard
drive into 2 partitions. On the second of
these I clean-installed OS9.2, then I
rebooted to the OSX CD and installed
10.1 on the first partition. Then I let
Software Update upgrade me to 10.1.5
and connected to the web.

2. Three downloads: OMS 2.3.8, the
MidiSport OS X driver v2.01b1, and the
MidiSport OS 9 driver v3.01.

3. Next came the crucial step: installing
the drivers in the proper order. First the
OS X MidiSport driver. At first I thought
this did no good whatsoever, but after I
rebooted, the lights on the MIDI interface
sported a happy glow. Then I booted into
Classic and installed the OS 9 version of
the MidiSport driver. Again, this went
without a hitch. The OMS driver package
came last. At this point came a little bit of
a problem; I forgot to tell it to do a custom
install and as a result it 'downgraded'
Acrobat Reader to version 4.0, hosing my
fonts in the process. Now every time a
dialog box appears from within Classic,
there's no text in it. That, I've still got to fix.
Anyway, on with the story.

4. Finally, I installed a fresh copy of
Finale 2002 on this computer, again still
while in Classic. (Remember, classic is
actually running from its own partition and
not from a folder on the X partition!)

5. One restart later, I set up my OMS
studio, tested it, and Voila! Classic Mode
Finale. Of course, playback through
internal speakers is useless, and there's
still the problem of the invisible text in
dialog boxes, but those are minor
compared to the main problem which
was receiving MIDI input.

As usual, Your Mileage May Vary - but it
seems to be working fine for me!!!

Hope this helps a lot of you out there...


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