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Posted By : Chas in Toronto - 1/19/2005 8:53 PM
I have Ulead Photo Express V. 2 with an Acer Prism USB scanner.  Smart Score lite (finale 2004a) cannot read tifs from this program, says that they're not compatible.  I called Finale support and they say that it must be a not pure black and white file, but the options Ulead gives me are clearly colour, grayscale, and black-white.  Does anybody know anything about this?

Posted By : Pete Sawchuk - 1/19/2005 9:10 PM

1. You will probably get more responses if you repost your question in either the Windows or Mac forums.

2. The "true B & W" SmartScore scanning issue has been around for a while; apparently, not all software renders true, 2-bit B & W even if the setting reads "black & white". if you have the option, try using other scanning software or double-check what the actual resolution of your present "black & white" scans are in a program like Photoshop.

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Posted By : Chas in Toronto - 1/19/2005 9:48 PM

Thanks very much Pete!  I'm going to try what you suggest.