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Posted By : atucker1 - 9/27/2010 10:47 PM
I downloaded Smart Music 2011 on my Mac Book Pro laptop and as soon as I click the icon it starts to load as it should. When it finishes it automatically shuts down. Does anyone have an answer as to what is going on. My son band instructor suggested calling tech support.

Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 9/28/2010 8:01 AM
Does the application crash? If so, there should be a crash log, which will tell you what the cause is.
You could copy and paste the entire contents of the crash log into a TEXT file and upload it here as an attachment. (NB. Not RTF, not DOC, but rather a TXT file.)

Alternatively, messages in the system log may give some clue to the problem. You can view the log in the Console Utility.

Yes, you should contact MM tech support. Provide as much detail as possible - version of the software, version of OS X, any third-party audio plug-ins, audio hardware and drivers, etc.

You may also get some help in the Smart Music section of the forum. This section is for plug-in software development.

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