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Posted By : BassTard777 - 3/30/2012 6:39 AM
Hi there!

I'm a professional composer and working a lot in film scoring and there's a feature that would be great to see in Finale (probably as plugin it would work)

Finale can import the tempo information from standard MIDI files - and with the MIDI-Tempo-tool it actually shows the correct tempo changes in each bar (from the original midi file).. but it is really a hell of work to manually create and insert all the individual Time changes (quarter note = 82 B.P.M. - some bars later: quarter note = 79 B.P.M. and so on...) that's really a lot of work to make the score look like the original cue should be and the conductor knows when the tempo changes (especially when he's using free timing with streamers, but also with click tracks).

Please can you create a PLUGIN that automatically recognizes the TEMPO information (of a standard midi file) and automatically creates the 'Tempo Signals' symbols (for example: 'quarter note = 72') above the score?

Or is there a way to make that easily possible?

Best wishes!

Posted By : Blatboy - 5/11/2013 11:42 PM
I am in the exact same boat and I was just searching the forums for this very subject. This is a feature I would LOVE.

Finale 2012c.r13
Mac Pro early 2008 "octacore"
OSX 10.8.3