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Posted By : Quintin Stephens - 4/11/2012 8:19 AM
I am in desparate need of a way to click on a note and choose the note's color.  This is different from the Boomwhacker colors in that, I don't want the pitches to necessarily be colored.  I am working with an Autistic boy (playing Upright Bass) who is having trouble with the concept that a pitch can be played in multiple places on a fingerboard.  So, we use color to indicate which position he should use to play the note.  For example, Position I is black, Position 2 is green, Position 3 is blue and Position 4 is Red. 
Right now, I use the layers in Finale and have the layers be different colors, but, that totally messes up the stems and other notations (breaks up bars into individual flags, etc.)
So, I would like the ability to choose a note, right-click, set notehead color.
It would seem, since layers can be different colors and the boomwhackers plugin make notes a different color that this functionality is mostly built into the Finale Engine, but just needs to be able to access one note at a time, and just the notehead (and stem) withouot affecting beaming, etc.
Or, for that matter, a central location to indicate Color of postition, then a way to indicate what position a particular notehead is in?
Additionally, we use AlphaNotes extensively since, even though he can read notes, his mental processing is a tic behind and the Alphanotes lets him keep up without that processing tic.
Quintin Stephens

Posted By : chemist mom - 6/29/2012 11:53 PM
I also would like this feature. I write music arrangements for a beginning chime choir, and most of my participants cannot read music. I need to be able to make the middle C a different color than the next higher C, etc, because my chimers have a differing set of chimes in different octaves. For example, one person has B4-C5. however, in the next octave, that person has C6-D6. So, I can't just make all the "C"'s the same color, and have this come out right for my group. I can't re-assign the bells easily, because this causes other problems with distribution, etc. In addition, I make my conductor's scores color coded so that each person's set of bells is a separate color, so I know who is supposed to be playing at a glance. This does not work if all the C's are the same color! So, having the ability to change each note to be it's own color would be very beneficial for me. I am still stuck with the old highlighter method, and I bought an upgrade to Finale in hopes I could stop doing this.

Posted By : chemist mom - 6/30/2012 12:00 AM
As an aside to my previous comment: I have been using the colored notes for my two violin students, and that works sort of well. It still would be best if I could distinguish between the octaves, to help them with the fingerings. My latest problem with this showed up in Finale 2012. It is totally random whether the color noteheads feature in the Score Manager works or not. Sometimes it will color the notes, and sometimes it leaves them black. I have tried selecting all the notes in the staff, selecting the instrument in the Score Manager, restarting Finale, Restarting my computer, and other things. I never had this problem in Finale 2011, or 2008, when it was controlled in the Staff attributes section. I think this may be a bug in the Score Manager section. Some help with this would reduce my stress level right now. :-)

Shelley Houser, ChemistMom.

Posted By : Mike Rosen - 6/30/2012 11:18 AM
Have you submitted this problem to Finale tech support? If it worked once, but doesn't now, that is something they should know.

EDIT: I just tried it with F2012 Mac, and it worked for me. Shelly, can you be more specific about what does or doesn't happen? Can you post a document that gives you trouble?

Mike Rosen

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Posted By : chemist mom - 7/1/2012 11:33 AM
Hi Mike.
Thanks for posting. I upgraded to the Windows 2012b, and after trying 3 or 4 scores, I haven't had any trouble with the color noteheads since I did that. Before, with just Windows 2012, sometimes it would color the notes, but sometimes it would just leave the notes black. In the same file, even, it would color one staff, but not another staff. Hopefully, though, this upgrade will be ok.