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Posted By : Canary - 4/14/2012 5:35 PM
I have Alchemy, a synthesizer program, stuck in the dialog box you can find under Midi/Audio then choose Device Setup then Manage VST Plug in's. In THAT dialog box I can only bring in the Alchemy to the bottom window. It's supposed to go up to the top before the plug is loaded. I'd really appreciate some help. I've been wanting this plug in for a long time.
I have loaded and reloaded this program and it says it's compatible with Finale....
Thank you,  Canary

Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 4/15/2012 10:42 AM
This forum area is for the discussion of plug-ins for Finale, and their development. It's quite quiet, so you might get more help in either the Windows or MAc area.

You could also try contacting MakeMusic support directly via their website. The offer very good free support to all Finale users.

Please provide as much detail as possible about your setup: which version of Finale, what OS, etc, etc.

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