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Posted By : Buddy Cox - 11/5/2012 5:37 PM
I need help making a plugin or script to make drum parts. Here is how I make them:
Copy the pattern to fill the phrase. Use 1 bar measure repeat to hid all the notes.
I make horn cues to show the drummer the licks.
Use the cue plug in and send them to a new staff. include articulations and smart shapes set 60% size. name it some thing like horn cues Then work with the new staff.
Use the single pitch plug in to set the notes to G5
Use the move rests plug in to up 5.
Use the midi tool to set velocity to zero so the cue notes do not play back.
Use the Utilities Stem direction up.
Merge the new track with the drum track and delete the new track.
Define staff styles to show layer 4 (cue notes on repeat or slash styles.)

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