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Posted By : Jolora - 12/27/2012 9:02 PM

When one buys published music, parts nearly always use the entire last page. Music is layed out, in both the score and the individual parts, to completely fill the last page. For example, a 2-page trumpet part will be printed with no excess space at the end of the second page.

Unless I've missed the boat on something, achieving this in Finale takes a good bit of work, playing with system margins and note spacing settings. This is another idea for a plug-in that I've had in mind for years that I cannot do myself (as I cannot get a PDK from MM). It would truly be a helpful tool, IMHO.

What do you think?


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Posted By : Dan Powers - 12/29/2012 12:48 PM
I use the full TG Tools' "Fit Measures" plug-in all the time. Basically it fits a selection of measures into a specified number of systems. Most of the time it works quite well.

Dan Powers
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Posted By : Jolora - 12/30/2012 7:57 PM
I have been trying to download/install TGTools Pro ever since I moved to Finale 2012, with no success. The install program only lists versions for up to Finale 2010, and Finale 2012 doesn't seem to recognize it. The TGTools I have has no "Fit Measures" plugin.

In Finale 2012, TGTools identifies itself as TGTools Plugin Collection for Finale - Samples ver 3.33. What I can download from their site is V2.61. Where am I going wrong?


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Posted By : Dan Powers - 12/31/2012 4:45 PM
I've been using TGT Pro in Finale 2012 with no problems, so I'm not sure why it isn't working for you. "Fit Measures" is found in the "Layout" tools.

While his tools are still useful, Tobias seems to have abandoned them, at least for now (no doubt because he's a busy guy!). You could try contacting him, but I can't guarantee he'll answer.

I believe the small subset of TGT that comes bundled with Finale has been licensed to MM. This probably means that MM are responsible for maintaining and updating them, hence the differing version numbers.

Dan Powers
Finale 2012, GPO 4, JABB 3, also CAMB for Kontakt (haven't crossgraded to ARIA yet, sorry)

Posted By : Jolora - 12/31/2012 8:42 PM
OK, I see now what my problem is.

I am visually handicapped, and get used to looking for things on my PC where I expect them. TGTools Pro does not appear under the Plugins menu, but on the main menu bar. I see it now.

Thanks, Dan


Finale v1 through 2012c
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Posted By : Charles Lawrence - 12/31/2012 11:32 PM


I communicated with Tobias via email a while back (03/20/2012) concerning the future of TGTools.  I don't think he would mind my posting the communiques here.
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Since the last post to the TG Tools Yahoo  group was in Jan. 2010, announcing the availability of version 2.61 of TG Tools, it would appear that TG Tools is no longer under development nor being updated.  However Make Music is still bundling the 3.33 version of the lite plugin in the latest 2012 version of Finale.  The 2.61 version of the full product appears to be functional in Finale 2012.  It is also the latest version on your website.  My questions are:  What is the future of this product?  It is still being upgraded for the latest versions of Finale, if needed.  Are new and different functions being considered for development and inclusion in any future version of TG Tools?


I hope to hear back that you are continuing this project.



Charles Lawrence


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Hi Charles,


the version numbers with Finale's bundled TGToolsLE are independent from the main TGTools Pro. I will make an update this year to make it compatible with Finale 2011 and 2012. I intend to keep up with new Finale versions much faster in the future, but I don't think I will be able to add new features. I will want to fix some bugs though.


Kind Regards,

Tobias Giesen


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