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Posted By : KennethKen - 4/17/2013 9:16 AM
Is this something you can do?
I'm trying to not have all my ff, pp and other wide expressions that are perfectly aligned under a note not collide with the preceding barline when the barline is drawn through the system of the score. Until expressions that have a checkbox to allow them to affect spacing so that they don't collide with barlines this is a problem.  And I'd rather not go through the score measure by measure or expression by expression.
Can a plugin can scan a score for expressions of a certain width that are center or right aligned to the first beat of a measure (not including the first measure of a system) and add an amount to the "Extra Space at Beginning of Measure" field (Measure Attributes) for that measure that equals half the width of the expression (if center aligned) or the whole width of the expression (if right aligned) plus a user defined about of (x)?
Or, perhaps the plugin could use TgTools Add/Remove Space in Measure method of adding the space (I don't believe that plugin uses the field in the Measure Attributes DBX.
Even if a user defined amount couldn't be add it would still be a help. Ideally, there would be at least three options for the plugin when it finds measures subject to editing:
  1. setting the extra space to fixed amount
  2. adding the extra space to the beginning of the measure (for measures that have already had such spacing edited)
  3. doing nothing to measures that have had their beginnings already edited
  4. resetting the beginning of the measure spacing to document defaults

What do you think?

BTW - While looking to see if there was a plugin that already did this I rediscovered your JW Measure Spacing. However, its description says it applies note spacing without affecting barline placements (as opposed to re-spacing the actual measures so that the relative note spacing is unchanged). Is it correct that this differs functional from the JW Note Spacing plugin in that the JW Note Spacing re-spaces the measures along with the notes? So, JW Measure Spacing re-spaces notes (measure content) not the measures themselves and JW Note Spacing re-spaces notes and measure?

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Posted By : KennethKen - 4/18/2013 3:28 PM
Perhaps the above suggestion could be category specific. Just thinking about different applications.

Often I have to move the first note after a new rehearsal mark to the right if that note falls above the staff. Such a plugin could search for expression from the Rehearsal Marks category and notes with a displacement of 8 or more (top line or higher). It could then make more space at the beginning of that measure so that the note isn't partially under the rehearsal mark.

If someone is creating custom time signatures using the expression tool the same could be done filtering with a Time Signature category.

Windows 7 Pro (64 bit), Finale 2012c, Core i7 2700K@3.50Ghz, 8GB Ram
Brass music, Woodwind Music, Concert Band Music, CDs, etc.

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