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Posted By : HaraldS - 5/2/2002 12:48 PM
I understand that Finale's repeat tool is very powerful and all kinds of possible repeats with different endings can be set up so that playback is correct. Nevertheless, it's quite difficult to use; to set up all repeat playback parameters correctly takes quite some time. IMHO, the repeat tool needs a redesign for clarification and ease of use.

That's where a plugin might come in handy. Most repeats are self-explaining for a musician, so they should be for a notation program. I'd like to have a plug-in which scans the score and sets all repeat parameters according to standard practice, e.g. recognizing repeat starts, ends, multiple endings and Dal Segnos. The only option I wish is to decide whether repeats on Dal Segno should be played or not as this seems to differ between musicians.

Any opinions on that?