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Posted By : john.poole - 5/8/2002 6:16 AM
I need to create a staff to specifications.
The problem I am facing is the setting of
line widths and distance between lines either
measured from the lines' center points or
measured between edges of a pair of lines.

I can set the line and bar widths in Finale.
However, I am unable to find any way in the
GUI to specify a distance between staff

Does Finale have an interface to alter the
the setting which defines the distance between
staff lines?

The only thing I can think of is to try a hit
and miss approach of resizing the staff, or
devising a formula based upon the 100%
settings and then using the size reduction
feature, but this seems something of a hack.

Are such settings exposed in the SDK? Perhaps
the design of the object model makes everything
relative to the size of the staff
so that alteration thereof would cause other
items to be disproportionate?

Posted By : Jari Williamsson - 5/16/2002 5:55 AM
In Finale 2002 and lower, the distance between staff lines is constant as 24 EVPUs (resulting in a 5-line staff of 96 EVPUs). But if all staves in the score should have a certain height, it's easy to get that in 2002 using the absolute staff sizing (in the 2002 version of the EDTStaffSystemSpec) and using no page reduction.
If the staves should be of variable size you have to calculate using staff reduction.

Btw, don't forget to subscribe to the finpdk list on yahoogroups. You'll have a much better chance of getting in contact with the Finale plug-in developers there, and the message archives contains lots of info that you might find useful:
Best regards,

Jari Williamsson

Posted By : john.poole - 5/18/2002 12:18 PM
Very insightful.
you reference:

the absolute staff sizing (in the 2002
version of the EDTStaffSystemSpec)

I searched for the EDTStaffSystemSpec by looking through the ETFSPEC.pdf, the EDTStaffSystemSpec data type in the PDK Reference (rev 98c:0 1/13/99)[which obviously cannot be the 2002 version] and could not find anything akin to "absolute staff sizing". These 2 PDFs were the only documentation from Coda I could find. I'm obviously missing something and/or do not have a complete set of documentation.

Is there a URL for more current documentation?

Thank you.

Posted By : Jari Williamsson - 5/19/2002 4:12 AM
Look in the source code for PDK Tools, available in the finpdk file space. The EDTStaffSystemSpec2001 struct there should give you a starting point.

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson