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Posted By : john.poole - 5/8/2002 6:24 AM
In order to affect certain settings
of objects that may not be exposed
in the SDK, has any tried
the following approach:
1) export a score using the XML export
2) modify the the desired attributed
settings in the XML file
3) import the modified XML file back
into Finale

I am referring to the Dolet plugin which
is suppose to export Finale files into
XML format. The lighter version of
this plugin is suppose to be included
with Finale in future releases.

The Recordare site shows a diagram
which suggests that files exported
from Finale can then be imported back
in; has anyone tried and and noted
limitations on this round trip

Posted By : Michael Good - 5/15/2002 2:50 PM
Well, since nobody else has answered yet...

The Dolet plug-in works a lot better than MIDI files for going back and forth between Finale versions, but you will lose formatting doing the export and re-import. The list of major features not supported in the plug-in is included on our Web site.

If the changes you want to make are at the musical / compositional level before starting final formatting work, this approach might work. But if it's in order to tweak an engraving parameter, that's less likely to be satisfying.


Michael Good
Recordare LLC