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Posted By : HaraldS - 8/21/2016 1:19 PM
In Finale's jazz font, the dots after eigth rests are placed far right by default. Sometimes, this might be good, sometimes not. To control that better, I wrote the following small JW Lua script. Maybe it's of some use for some of you. A replacement by -20 EVPUs (thus 20 to the left) gives good results, but feel free to change that default value in the opening dialog.

Please don't mistake it as a Finalescript, it's a JW Lua script.


function plugindef()
   finaleplugin.RequireSelection = true
   finaleplugin.Author = "Harald Schollmeyer"
   finaleplugin.Date = "21.8.2016"
   finaleplugin.AuthorEmail = "[email protected]"
   finaleplugin.CategoryTags = "Region, Rest"
   return "Move dots", "Move dots", "Moves the dots of dotted eigth rests horizontally"

local str = finale.FCString()
 str.LuaString = "Move dotted eigth rest dots"
local dialog = finale.FCCustomWindow()
local static1 = dialog:CreateStatic(0, 3)
str.LuaString = "Horizontal dot offset in EVPUs:"
local edit1 = dialog:CreateEdit(130, 0)
if dialog:ExecuteModal(nil) == 1 then
local offset = edit1:GetInteger()
local dotmod = finale.FCDotMod()

    for entry in eachentry(finenv.Region()) do
       if entry:IsRest() and ( entry.ActualDuration == (finale.EIGHTH_NOTE + finale.SIXTEENTH_NOTE))
            dotmod:SetNoteEntry( entry )
            dotmod:LoadRestDotAt( entry )
            dotmod.HorizontalPos = offset
            dotmod:SaveRestDotAt( entry )


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Posted By : Ralph L. Bowers Jr. - 8/21/2016 10:00 PM
Tried running plugin and it stops its run here: local dialog = finale.FCCustomWindow()

Running [Move dots] ======>
[string "function plugindef()
..."]:12: attempt to call field 'FCCustomWindow' (a nil value)
<======= [Move dots] FAILED.

UPDATE: Works fine now after I updated my Lua to the most recent jwlua-beta-v0_45


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