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Posted By : JacksLBB - 9/13/2002 10:09 AM
Anyone: After creating a score from scratch, the part extraction is perfect. When using a template to do an arrangement, the part extraction is a disaster. Part name appears at the beginning of each staff. Notes are tiny and the music does not fit on the paper. Help. Jack

Posted By : Peter Thomsen - 9/15/2002 10:53 AM
It sounds like you have to make some adjustments in your template. Assuming that you are using Finale 2003,

Go to
Options menu > Page Format > Parts
and set the page format for your parts, like "Page Size" and "System Scaling".

You write "Part name appears at the beginning of each staff". I suppose that you mean "Part name appears at the beginning of each system". Go to the Staff Attributes dialog box, and define an Abbreviated Name for the staff. The Abbreviated Name will appear at the beginning of every system except the 1st system (the 1st system will of course display the Full Name).

Also take a serious look at the Extract Parts dialog box where you can define the file name of the part with some codes:
%f = score file name
%s = staff or group name
%a = abbreviated staff or group name
%i = staff or group number
%n = staff index or group number
%t = score title from File Info