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Posted By : Debi - 10/4/2003 4:18 PM
I'm new to this forum, but I have been using FINALE for several years.
Is there any plug-ins similar to the miBAC Jazz rhythm generator, that uses other styles? (Rock, Gospel, Pop)

Posted By : somusque - 10/5/2003 1:19 PM
Finale 2004 has a new Drum Groove plug-in with all kinds of styles.

My TGTools plug-in collection for Finale:
no fiddling, just music.

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Posted By : graypencil - 1/6/2005 10:05 PM
I'm really impressed with the rhythm gen plugin on 2004b, but I have a couple questions:

1. how do I get the funk patterns to respond in a shuffle "hip hop" feel as opp. to straight 16ths?

2. once having done that, how do I get the REST of the track to line up with the drum plugin?

3. how do I create new patterns and save them ..I need a funk pattern in 3/4 , for example.

any help will be appreciated

Phil Kelly