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Posted By : tear - 3/30/2004 1:36 AM
I am using Finale 2004, and I can't find some of the shortcuts that Finale 2003 had, such as: S for the sharp, F for the flat, T for the tie, Dot for the dotted notes, N for natural. Now, I still get the Tie with the T, and Dotted note with the Dot. The others don't work anymore, nor can I find them in the manual. Can someone help with this?
Thank you very much, Ted Lebar.
P/S I asked a few days ago about  Jari Williamson's Tempo Tool and it seems nobody knows anything about it. That was a wonderful piece of software and I miss it a lot. Is there some equivalent on the market? I have Finale 2004 and Windows.

Posted By : Pete Sawchuk - 3/30/2004 2:13 AM

Simple Entry's been revamped for 2004. Check under "Simple menu > Simple Entry Commands > Accidentals"; looks like "-" is now the shortcut for sharp, "=" for flat & "N" should still be for natural. I recommend going through the tutorial located at "Finale 2004 / Tutorials / EntryExercise.MUS". Also, you might get more/quicker response if you post questions like this on the Windows forum.

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Posted By : Zuill - 3/30/2004 4:20 PM
You can also customize the shortcuts to what they were before in the simple entry options.


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