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Posted By : timortin - 5/17/2004 9:34 AM
Hi Everybody!
I'm from Hungary and I'm not too good in English, unfortunatelly. :o( But I have got a big problem ->
Imaging, if I have got a big partiture(score) for big (classical) orchestra and if I split the whole partiture to many separate parts (e.g: flute I, flute II, oboe I etc.) This is a 1:N relationalship (in RDBMS language), isn't it.
I'd like to modify - manually - the separate parts but when I save these modified separate parts it would be good if the big partiture would be changed automatically and of course vica versa: if I modify the big partiture then it would be changed the modified separate part(s) (with preserving other changes). In short -> I'd like to use two-ways modifiying possibility (like Delphi software development environment)
- Is this the above funcionality implement in Finale 2004? If not, can anybody tell me will this funkcionality implement in future plan(s)? Is it possible at all? (Or it is impossible request?)
- Is it any Finale 2004 (commercial or free) _plugin_ for this problem if this funcionality not implemented in the main Finale 2004 software?
- Is it _public_ the *.mus fileformat-description or has it public application programming interface (API)?
- Do anybody know any Finale 2004 - commercial or free and simple or complex - plugin(dll) what implemented in _Delphi_ not in Visal C++ (with source)?
I will grateful to anybody for any constructive answer, many thanks:

Posted By : Michael Good - 5/17/2004 1:11 PM
The only plug-ins that I know of that are mostly written in something other than C++ is our Dolet for Finale plug-in for reading and writing MusicXML files. The current Windows-only version is written mostly in Visual Basic. We are rewriting it into Java for use on both Mac and Windows. You could do something similar with Delphi, but it is a lot of work. The core of the plug-in must be written in C or C++ in order to meet Finale's plug-in requirements. So there's a big delegation layer to go back and forth between C++ and the other programming language.

You might find it much easier to work with MusicXML files outside of Finale rather than directly within the PDK. There's more on MusicXML at:

But in any case, what you are trying to do is very complicated. Good luck!

Michael Good
Recordare LLC

Posted By : timortin - 5/17/2004 2:58 PM
Hi Michael!

Thank you very much for your fast answer. It is very interesting especially for me. You know, I like very much the XML fileformat (you know, I am sofware developer). Of course I have already been on your site (on download section.... :o))


Posted By : Peter West - 5/21/2004 3:13 AM
Once Finale creates separate parts, these files are not dynamically linked to the original score. Corrections in parts will not affect the score and corrections to the score will not affect the parts. The only exception to this is if you use the print parts command from the score file, but this gives no independent control over the layout of parts. It is only suitable for small simple pieces, or for a test run-through before properly extracting the independent parts files.

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Posted By : Peter Thomsen - 5/21/2004 9:28 AM
Sometimes you don't want the parts to be dynamically linked to the score, because the parts and the score have different layouts.
So I believe that a better solution would be a Plug-In (for updating from part to score or vice versa) where you can specify, exactly what items you want to update, e. g. only entries, articulations, expressions, and music spacing.