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Posted By : mkelley - 6/17/2004 7:57 AM
Forgive me for asking a question that may already be present here, but I did try a forum search (and read a lot of pages) and couldn't find this basic info (but it it's here already just point me to it).

I'm getting frustrated with the very limiting Finalescript capabilities, and as a programmer I'm wondering if I might just be better off trying to write plugins for Finale (just freebie stuff -- I'd give away anything useful). I have VC++ but it's a rather old version (6) and probably won't upgrade since I just don't do enough C++ to make it worth my while. Is it possible to use this and develop plugins? If so, what else do I need and how do I obtain it (I'm assuming I need a Finale SDK or some such but, once again, if this is going to be a costly process I'm not too interested as I would just be doing this for the benefit of the Finale community).
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Posted By : somusque - 6/17/2004 8:16 AM


VC++ 6.0 is perfect. The PDK is free, but the official download is a bit out of date. You could write to [email protected] and ask for the latest beta PDK.



My TGTools plug-in collection for Finale:
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Posted By : mkelley - 6/17/2004 10:12 AM
Thanks, Tobias -- you are certainly the King when it comes to Finale plugins!

I'll write and ask for that PDK today.
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