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Posted By : Francis - 7/7/2004 4:12 AM
Has anybody experienced using FINALE in conjunction with the sampler Gigastudio ?
Is there any special precaution to take in respect with compatibility ?
Is there any specific specifications for the soundcard ?
Any experience on the Windows platform would be welcome.

Posted By : twofiveone - 9/24/2004 1:49 PM
Hi Francis,

I just started using Gigastudio 3 Ensemble with Finale. I've had a few configuration issues to deal with but other than that things have gone surprisingly well. If you can afford to it would be good to run Gigastudio on as clean a maching as possible as there does seem to be a number of things that gigastudio does not like. There is information on their web site regarding preparing a windows system for gigastudio.

Hope this is helpful.


Posted By : David Young : chambermusic - 9/27/2004 4:39 PM

I hope that I can answer your question in a few weeks or so.  I just had Dell build me a rather large desktop computer just for the purposes of running Gigastudio and Finale.  2 gigs of Ram, 3 alrge hard drives, fast CPU and other features.  Today I ordered Gigastudio orchestra and a special sound card.  I'll probably receive GS in a week and load it in two weeks and try it out.

Please note that you need a GSIF-2 compatable sound card.  Strange, Dell insisted that they keep the Audigy sound card in my new computer even though I didn't want it.  But there is plenty of space in the PCI section to load a new sound card.  I am getting the Echo-audio Layla 3G card, but this is probably unnecessarily large for my immediate needs and you do not need quite as expensive of a card.  But you need a GSIF compatable card, preferably a GSIF-2 compatable card.

At any rate, I hope that I can make some comments on how these two software products work together in another 3 or 4 weeks. cool




David Young
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Posted By : Francis - 9/28/2004 4:47 AM
Hi guys,
I appreciate your answers.
I amm going to try and go to the referred URL, and I keep an eye on "twofiveone"'s exposure.

Posted By : Marsyas - 12/26/2004 7:15 PM
I'm having trouble with configuration as well. Specifically getting Giga to read Midi files. I thought it was supposed to. I also had trouble, in fact have been unsuccessful in loading the content CD's. I installed the software, but after that, ?????????

Any help would be aprechiated.


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Posted By : Alan Yoder - 12/27/2004 2:05 AM
I just bought Gigastudio Orchestra and installed it. So far I am quite
disappointed.  I compose 18th century style music, and want to hear
it on well-sampled instruments. Even this $500 (street price) package
fails to have any decent solo string voices I can find.
Not only that, but human playback and GS don't seem to get along at
all, and playing with no human playback through GS yields quite inferior
results.  The voices themselves are undeniably better than Finale's, but
the phrasing and effects are lacking, as are all the subtleties of attack
and sustain that Human Playback deals with quite well really. 
From what I can tell so far, Finale's human playback feature seems to
interact with the SmartFont software in ways that it is unable to with GS.
If anyone knows how to plug these things together to get decent orchestral
sounds without a lot of MIDI and audio massaging and manipulation, I would
surely appreciate hearing about it.  I don't expect San Francisco Orchestra
performance quality, just something that's not offensive.  I'm currently running
GS 3.0 Orchestra, Finale 2004 and Live 4.0.
Another library of interest, btw, is EW/QL. If anyone has experience getting this
library to work with Finale Human Playback I'd be very interested. I contacted
their sales department, but the gentleman who wrote back didn't seem very
interested in taking my money--he didn't seem to care whether he answered
my questions or not.
MSEE, PhD CS.  Composer 18th century orchestral and chamber works.

Posted By : provette82 - 12/27/2004 6:16 PM
he didn't seem to care whether he answered
my questions or not...
My experience in getting ANY information from
EWQL people was the same.  At $3,000.00 for
the platinum edition, they seem to think they have the
only "widget" out there and at 10 times
the GPO (Garritan Pers Orchestra) - to a point it borders
on arrogance.  Their website does not address the
question of notation programs and apparantly
they don't either.   You will get more from the guys/gals
Try there as a number of them use FINALE and EWQL.
Paul O

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Richard Strauss

Posted By : David Young : chambermusic - 1/3/2005 7:05 PM
I hope that one of these days I can give a good answer to this post. I have GS orchestra but have not used it yet. I hope that changes this coming weekend.

I purchased Kirk Hunter solo strings. In a similar vein as Alan, I compose 19th century chamber music and would like to get some good quality sounds. (Well, he writes in a 18th century style... me, 19th century, but hey I am only off by a century.) Unfortunately, I could not load the KHSS on my hard drive. They are promising a duplicate set any day now. If that doesn't work, I may need to purchase a new DVD reader drive.

But I am determined to give this a try.

I hope to be able to get back to you.


David Young
Composer of classical-romantic style chamber and orchestral music.
Finale 2.4 through 2005, GPO studio
laptop PC, windows XP home, 2.4 ghz, 516 Megs RAM
Desktop PC, Gigastudio 3, 2 Gigs RAM, 3 hard drives
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