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Posted By : starberry - 12/11/2004 5:06 PM
I was wondering whether there is any way I can get dynamics to sound when I play back the music I have written. I have added dynamic signs but the dynamic doesn't seem to change (e.g at the beginning, only one of my parts if loud, the rest quiet, but they are all the same level of loudness.)

Posted By : Eagle1 - 1/8/2005 4:09 AM


I'm  still  using  Notepad  too, checking this forum  before maybe buying Printmusic.  I was just writing, never even thought to try playback, so I can't really help you.   Maybe you just need  to  upgrade.   I   can't  tell  if  you  get  a  disk  by  buying  from  online, and also am wondering  if   installing  Printmusic  would  remove  Notepad  from  my computer, which I'm  still  fond  of  and  want  to  keep, it's so simple to use.  I'd  have to go from a Detroit suburb to  Ann Arbor, maybe today if we  aren't going to have a snowstorm. 

Hopefully  we  get  an  email  notification  when there's a reply to our posts.  This  is  my first  day   at   the  forum, just  checking  what problems people have with the programs. Good  luck.    Eagle1

Posted By : Pete Sawchuk - 1/8/2005 4:37 AM

1. You may find the answer to your question about dynamics in NotePad in the attached documents from the Finale website comparing features that are (or aren't) found in recent editions of NotePad & the other members of the Finale family of programs.

2. Yes, you'll probably have better luck posting NotePad questions in either the Mac or Windows forums, whichever platform you're running.

Pete Sawchuk
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Posted By : starberry - 1/8/2005 4:41 AM
Thankyou, I just got a reply from the Finale technical support and they said that dynamics cannot be heard on the free software which is what I have. Thanks again :)

Posted By : Eagle1 - 1/8/2005 5:28 AM
That  was  fast.    Maybe   someone  will   tell   me,   if   I    buy  and  install   another  Finale  product,   will   it   automatically   remove  my  beloved   NotePad2005? 
Thanks in advance.  

Posted By : Jim Coull - 1/8/2005 5:47 AM

Jim Coull

Posted By : Eagle1 - 1/8/2005 12:35 PM

Thanks much, Jim, for the one-word answer that I guess says it all. 

 I  should have also asked, if  I  order  PrintMusic  online   will  I   get  a  box  with  a  disk  in  it?   That's  another  one-word   one  if  you're  still  on,  and  I  really do appreciate  it.   We're  snowed in today, so I can't  get  to  a  dealer  before  Monday and  online might not take much longer than that.    Do you remember how many days it takes?   



Posted By : Jim Coull - 1/8/2005 3:36 PM
As I recall, when I got PM, it was just in shrinkwrap package with the manual and disk. Since then, I've just ordered the updates which come in a padded envelope with the disk and the reference book, so I don't know how they are packaging it these days. I would suggest that you wait until Monday and buy it from a dealer because it will most likely be cheaper than ordering from MM. Of course, you might find another online source that is cheaper than your either your local dealer or MM. Most of the software I have ordered online arrives in 3-5 business days unless I pay extra for overnight or next day service.

Jim Coull

Posted By : Eagle1 - 1/8/2005 6:17 PM
Thanks, Jim.   PrintMusic 2004, which their chart recommends although I have Notepad2005 (!)  and think I'd want all the updates in PM'05,  is  about  $59, so  I  wouldn't mind  paying a little extra for the service you mentioned,  great  idea! 
It's  a  long  way  to  the  nearest  dealer, and we had another big  snowstorm so I was afraid  to  try  it  today.    Just  wanted to  make sure I'd get a disk rather than a download, and  that  it  wouldn't  remove  my  Notepad program.   Eagle

Posted By : Peter Thomsen - 1/8/2005 7:34 PM
Eagle1 said...
Thanks, Jim. PrintMusic 2004, which their chart recommends although I have Notepad2005 (!) and think I'd want all the updates in PM'05, is about $59, so I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for the service you mentioned, great idea!...

Unfortunately there is no PM'05, so you won't be able to open your NotePad2005 documents in PrintMusic.


Posted By : Eagle1 - 1/8/2005 9:38 PM
Oh.   Well,  that's  okay, didn't  have  much  stored  in  it   anyway.    I  really  appreciate your   telling  me,  though.    Well,  Notepad 2004  is  still  available, so  I'll  probably just go  back  to   that   and  not  have  to  do  all  my  chords  over  again.