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Posted By : UCG Musician - 6/4/2006 11:58 PM
I have hundreds of files in older versions of Finale.  I'd like to convert them to Finale 2006.  I followed the instructions on how to do so with Finalescript but can't get it to recognize a folder in the "batch process folder" command.  What is the proper syntax?  E.g., the following folder has 16 files in it:
C:\Documents and Settings\Randy\My Documents\Church\Local\Music\Sequences\UCG Supplemental Hymnal\086-087 Great God Who Made the Universe\
If I were to go up a step in the directory structure, there are 65 subfolders (one for each hymn in a church hymnal supplement), each with 16 files.  If this script worked as I would expect, I should be able to specify the folder & its subfolders & batch process all 1,040 files, converting them to Finale 2006 in one shot.  But I can't get it to recognize any folder.
Has someone been successful doing what I'm trying to do?

Posted By : Peter Lindström - 5/12/2007 1:51 PM
Hi UCG Musician, I saw this today. It's a little bit late, perhaps, and you probarly already fixed this issue. But if you don't, here is how to do it:

The script must be like this

batch process folder
process subfolders
save and append "_conv"
close all
End of script

If you put two slashes in the beginning of a row, it will not be included in the script.

This works on my PC and Mac.