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Posted By : Derek Watson - 3/31/2007 5:29 PM
When I used this script to batch convert a folder of Finale 2005 files to Finale 2007 format, I got the error 'an unnamed file contains an invalid path'.
This was not very explicit.
Any ideas what went wrong?
Derek Watson

Posted By : SJeffH - 7/12/2007 5:11 PM
In my very limited experience with Finalescript:

- You can convert a folder (and subfolders if desired) to the current version. I just did it with a few hundred files. In doing so, however, I had to remain at the pc and answer yes as Finale cycled thru the files and saved each one. My guess is that someone with more FS experience might help you to avoid that. Check out the default script called 'Convert folder of files to the current Finale format'.
- When using FS, you need to first select the top level folder for processing. This is set using the button at the bottom with the folder on it. (not real self explanatory) Was this the cause of your message, perhaps?

Finale 2007c, WinXP Pro, 2.8 gHz, 2 gB RAM,
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Posted By : Derek Watson - 7/12/2007 6:58 PM
Hi Jeff,
I just got Finale 2008 and Finalescript 'Convert folder of files to current format' works in Finale 2008  but not in 2007.
Go figure.
Derek Watson