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Posted By : Peter Lindström - 5/12/2007 3:10 PM
When using the Finalescript for "Conver folder of files to the current Finale format", the script leave the older files in the batched folders. My question to the forum is if it's possible to add something to the script that will delete the older files after converting them to new format.


Posted By : [email protected] - 7/29/2007 3:23 AM
Try this script:

/*This script will convert a batch of folders to the newest Finale format. If
the active document has settings that you wish to apply to all the files, remove
the slashes on the second and third lines of the script.

batch process folder
//don't process current document
//import house style
save and append
close all
//End of script

Posted By : Peter Lindström - 8/8/2007 4:27 PM
Thank you. This script work's. I have an extension to append in my script ".mus" and with that it won't work without making another file with the extension.