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Posted By : andyoc - 3/31/2010 5:41 AM
There is a dearth of working scripts.....
Sure, people may feel that their personal scripts are their own,
but I would ask anyone who would be willing to put up some scripts here
so we can see "how to"....
If you do I'll send you an emoti-egg.....Happy Easter!

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Posted By : James L - 4/9/2010 8:23 PM
Here's a script I sometimes use to put the part name in the top left hand corner of each page.

Obviously all the font settings are done to my own preferences (and are Mac based :p ), but they can easily be changed.

//Creating the part name
text tool
menu item "File Info..."
type "PART NAME - change in file info" near "Score Name Insert"
button "ok"
press command + "0" //This brings up the zoom dialogue
type "200"
button "ok"
double click
wait 0.1 second
menu item "text/inserts/part*"
wait 0.1 second
double click
press command + "A"
menu item "Frame Attributes..."
click radio "Page"
popup "All Pages" near "attach to"
button "ok"
press command + "A"
menu item "Helvetica"
menu item "text/size/other..."
type "16"
check "fixed size"
button "ok"
menu item "text/alignment/left"
menu item "text/alignment/top*"
press command + "0"
type "100"
button "ok"

And just to explain, the purpose of changing the view/zoom setting is two-fold. Firstly, it makes sure that when the subsequent double-click function is used it will be double-clicking on the actual page, and not on blank space. Secondly, it calls the mouse pointer to the centre of the page where the zoom dialogue box appears. Obviously if you've moved your zoom dialogue box's default position this may not be the case, but it works with my setup.

Thoughts? Improvements?

I have some other scripts but they're even longer. The longest one is the one I used to create my first Special Part Extraction. (I'm still not convinced by dynamic parts).


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Posted By : Piotr Kolodziej - 4/19/2010 6:32 PM

is it possible to input notes via fs? Yes! Very simple script below.

plug-in "command line..."
type "1" near "Measure:"
//pop-up menu "Bass" near "Staff:"
//pop-up menu "4" near "Layer:"
type "5C5D5E#5,5C5D5E#5,5C5D5E#5,5C5D5E#5," near "Command:"
press "Apply"
hit "Ok"

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