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Posted By : Fox - 6/3/2010 1:48 AM
I just made two major changes and I'm sorry already.  (1) I upgraded from Finale 2007 to 2010 and (2) I changed from a PC to a Mac.
When using the PC, I liked to correct my harmony using "speedy entry" by making sure I was in the overwrite mode, playing a chord on my synthesizer, and hitting the "return" button  and then the 'right arrow.'  That way, I could correct the notes without changing the rhythm.
On the MAC, this is more difficult because I have to somehow hit "enter" (not "return") and then the right arrow.  This is very cumbersome on the MacBook Pro, so I bought an external keyboard where I don't have to hit the "Fn" key in order to hit an "enter".
But its still a pain.
So I would like a finalescript program which does the following:
1.  listens for a chord from the synthesizer.
2.  does an "enter" and a "right arrow"
3.  goes back step 1 until I tell it to stop.
Any suggestions?
I never used finalescript in version 2007 because there was a great tg plug-in called "menu shortcuts" which was very easy to use.  Frankly, every version since 2004 has, in my opinion, gotten worse from the standpoint of user friendliness.  Personally, I think the staff enjoys torturing us.  I don't want to be a programmer.  I want to be a composer!!!!!!!

Posted By : Fox - 6/7/2010 7:30 PM
Its only me.
I did discover another way, but it has nothing to do with Finalescript.
I'm sure many of you already knew this, but I've discovered that my MacBook has the facility to show a keyboard on the screen and allow you to operate it with the mouse.  This takes care of the problem.  It will show whatever keyboard is currently active, so I still have to have my extra keyboard plugged in and hit some innocuous key so that the number pad will be visible (the number pad has an exclusive enter key).