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Posted By : UCG Musician - 8/30/2011 11:15 AM
I mistakenly posted this on the Finale Windows forum yesterday.
I've tried various ways to process a bunch of files with a script and then save and close them. Save works OK but FS doesn't like closing a file in a batch process mode. I always have to abort the script as nothing I've tried has worked.
Has anyone experienced this and does someone have code that has worked for this process?

Posted By : Benjamin Tubb - 10/8/2011 3:53 PM
Frankly "Batch Processing" (for file conversions needed as I get each upgrade <g>), is THE most convenient time-saving feature of using it. However, I have had problems with it apparently "crashing" when the script is not "carefully" written, especially when wanting it to work on subfolders, and THAT not working properly causing numerous files to be saved in the wrong directory(s)! Assuming you have your files in multiple directions under one main root directory, as I do (I call mine "Composers"), I ensure that my source and destination directories for Batch Processing [see the Finale script Options' menu] are set PRIOR to running the script:

batch process subfolders
save ALL
close ALL

And that's it <G>. That script will "auto" open, save. and close, each MUS files, and convert each to the LATEST Finale MUS version. Hopefully there won't be any errors.

In my case even when I just use the one directory (i.e. without the "subfolders" options, I have too many files to process in RAM at one time, so I use the precaution for both SAVE and CLOSE, each with the ALL option. As I now have well over 6K MUS files, the time saved using FinaleScipt for this one "service" alone PAYS for my yearly upgrades!

P.S. Although my script "superficially" works, despite my Program Options being set to NOT use "Untitled" for old documents [in preference to ALLOWING them to be overwritten with the SAME name], I've found that not one of the files "converted" in the script was actually changed, as a dialog box opened for each (that shouldn't have!) saying that it will not be changed! I believe the SAVE ALL option should just be SAVE. More info later...

P.S.S. Further experiments still have not worked correctly. As I have over 6K files to convert, this is something I will continue to troubleshoot:

// remember to first use the Options' menu to set both the source/destination root directories
batch process subfolders
close all

which still doesn't work as expected. Anyone who can solve this, please post you working script (for F2K12), and it will be greatly appreciated.

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Posted By : SF - 10/28/2011 10:23 PM
Benjamin said...
remember to first use the Options' menu to set both the source/destination root directories

No need to use the Options menu which doesn't work every time. Add "query"

query source folder
process folder


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