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Posted By : Kelby - 10/8/2013 12:01 PM
This is a possible solution for a question posted from my Blog post from a while ago:

The Question:
Related to renaming staves, is there any way for Finalescript (or perhaps Lua) to know what the instrument is, not by the name, but by other means? Or maybe there is another trick for this.

I frequently get staves labeled 1. 2. 3. (where group name shows Flutes, Clarinets etc) – so I’m typically looking at three or more staves with the same redundant “number” name.

Another variant I see quite often is that an orchestrator will abbreviate staff names, and sometimes not even the same way twice in the same project; Bass Tbn 1 or Bass Trb. 1 or B-Tbn. 1 – Ideally, if there was a way to identify the staff and rename it rather than relying on the existing text, it would be extremely useful, perhaps also for things like transpositions as well.

The quick answer:

//This will completely change the staff names of the selected staff
//The font is set by Document options
//Document Options>Fonts>Text:>Text Block*
//the last two lines for each staff can change the staff name font
//otherwise change the document options setting

select staff 1
edit full staff name "Corno en Fa"
edit abbr. staff name "Cor."
//search "Corno en Fa" and replace with "Corno en Fa" [Times New Roman] size 14
//search "Cor." and replace with "Cor." [Times New Roman] size 14

select staff 2
edit full staff name "Corno en Mi"
edit abbr. staff name "Cor."

//etc etc etc

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