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Posted By : JimmyG - 1/7/2015 1:42 PM
I use Finalescripts often. Sometime ago I copied a script that renamed the staves in my band scores to a more standard format, such as "1st Bb Clarinet" instead of "Clarinet in Bb 1." That script was lost when my old computer died. Can you help me rebuild that script or tell me where I can find it? Windows 2012

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Posted By : Charles Lawrence - 1/7/2015 10:40 PM
Something like
search "Horn in F" replace with "French Horn"

should do it.

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Posted By : JimmyG - 1/8/2015 9:46 PM
Thanks, Charles. I was able to find the script file on my school computer. I had placed it there also. Basically similar to what Charles posted, it goes like these examples:

search whole word "Clarinet in E^b" and replace with "E^b Clarinet"
search whole word "Clarinet in B^b" and replace with "B^b Clarinet"
search whole word "Bass Clarinet" and replace with "B^b Bass Clarinet" (etc.)

Also, in the saxophone area:
search whole word "Alto Sax." and replace with "E^b Alto Saxophone" (etc.) (Note the period after "Sax.") (Being a saxophonist, I really detested this abbreviation that Finale normally produces in scores.)

And, in the brass area:
search whole word "Horn in F" and replace with "F Horn"
search whole word "Baritone (B.C.)" and replace with "Baritone T.C." (and other changes)

Unfortunately, Finale crashed each time I tried to edit this particular script. (Hmmm, that rarely happens.) sad But the script runs just fine.

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Posted By : Kelby - 1/13/2015 2:12 PM
Look at this blog post:


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