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Posted By : rpmseattle - 7/10/2015 12:33 PM
This appears to be a new bug with Finalescript in Finale 2014, at least on Mac OSX.

I have some long Finale scripts. In Finale 2014d I can no longer scroll down all the way through the list to the end with the scroll bars when in the Edit Window.

Additionally, it looks like the Main Finalescript Palette can no longer be resized as large as in past versions, and if there are too many scripts or folders that go past the edge of the palette, the scroll bars don't work here either.

Curious if this bug is confined to Mac only. Anyone? And, as far as fixing it, I contacted tech support and was surprised to learn that MakeMusic doesn't consider Finalescript, which is such an integral tool something that is their responsibility:

MakeMusic Customer Support said...

Thanks for contacting MakeMusic Customer Success.

I wanted to let you know about the type of support I am able to offer. Finale script is a third party plug-in in Finale and we are, unfortunately, unable to offer that level of support for the third party product. That being said, I have done some research and testing on the issue you mentioned and it does seem that I am able to replicate the issue by purposely creating a script that is too long for the Edit window. I am going to report this to our Development Team, and, though I don't have a specific timeframe for when or if the issue will be resolved, I do know that our Development Team values this feedback as they work to improve the product. One recommendation that I would like to make is to visit our Finale script Forum. This forum is active, with daily participants who use Finale script often. I would recommend posting this issue to the forums and see if any of the Finale script users have run into a similar issue and have a solution.

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Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 7/10/2015 3:33 PM
For the record, this seems to affect scrolling with the input device and using the arrow keys to move the cursor, too. (I don't think I've actually touched a scroll bar in the last 10 years.)

However, the response is pretty poor. "Even though it ships with Finale, we're not responsible for it, but I'll pass it on to our developers, (who don't develop it). See if someone in the forums has found a workaround."

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