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Posted By : SngRtr - 12/17/2015 7:44 PM
I have a script I've been using in previous versions of Finale. I use it in my two-staves systems for 4-prt vocal music to swap out layers 1 and 2 so that layer 2 is stems down and layer 1 is stems up (just opposite of what the old chart used to be). I now have 2014.5 and my script disappeared from my Finale scripts when I updated to 2014.5. So . . . I had to go to my 2012 version to copy the script over to 2014.5. Here's the script:

// This script will set up the values for layers // and Swap layers 1 and 2
menu item "Document Options" list "Layers" popup "Layer 1" in "Settings for:" popup "Up" in "Freeze Stems:" type 6 in "Adjust Floating Rests By:" popup "Layer 2" in "Settings for:" popup "Down" in "Freeze Stems:" type -6 in "Adjust Floating Rests By:" press OK swap layers 1 and 2 selection tool end

The applied script in 2014.5 goes to Document Options list THEN hangs up/stops on "Accidentals" . . . and won't select "Layers" ????

I sent the chart back to my 2012 version and applied the script successfully, so I have a work-around the problem. I need it to work in my new 2014.5, however. Any help from the Forum members would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Liles

Posted By : Charles Lawrence - 12/27/2015 9:34 PM


A couple of things.

  1. F2014.5 is a complete stand alone version that can run concurrently with other installed versions.  For that reason, any scripts you had written for F2012 will not be copied over to F2014.5.  That process must be done manually.  The directory structure is the same except F2012 will be F2014.5.  [UPDATE] Copy the XML files from F2012 to F2014.5.  You should then be OK in F2014.5
  2. The scripts beginning in F2012 changed from being plain text to being formatted in XML with Finalescript specific tags.  The script you posted does not contain these proper XML tags to separate the lines.  The lines are all put into one long string.  That is why the script goes only so far and hangs.  I am assuming you tried to cut and paste the script, which results in the incorrectly formed XML.  Do not cut from one Finalescript palette and paste into the other.
  3. If you want, you can try to fix it up manually, or you can just start over and re-write, not copy/paste, your script in F2014.5, or just copy the XML files as stated in point 1.  I have corrected the flawed XML and have attached it here, if you want to just download it and place it in the proper F2014.5 directory located here: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MakeMusic\Finale 2014.5\Finalescript".  If you continue to have trouble, let us know.
Good luck.

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