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Posted By : Zuill - 4/8/2004 4:17 PM
I wish there were clearer instructions. What exactly is the import command? How do you tell the script from where and to where you are importing?
I've created some scripts, and I'm still going by the seat of my pants. I still have issues where it appears Finale sometimes jumps steps during a script sequence. I believe that was fixed in 2004b, but I still have mixed results.

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Finale 2004b, Win 2000 or XP

Posted By : Michael Johnson - 4/9/2004 11:12 AM
Hi Zuill,
The import command takes settings from one document and applies the settings to one or more documents.
The main document (active document in Finale) is always the source document.
The other open documents or a batch process folder you have selected in FinaleScript will be the destination document(s). The choice of the destination is up to you.

If you want to process all open documents, use these commands at the top of your script:
process all open docs
don't process current doc

The steps to the process would be:
Open all your files in Finale
Set your source / main document / template to have focus
Run your script with the above lines included

If you want to process a folder of files, use this command at the top of your script:
batch process folder

Then the steps would be:
Open only your source / main document / template
Choose your FinaleScript Batch Process folder in the FinaleScript P.I.
Run your script with the above line included

Please share any scripts you have that show inconsistent results in Finale. One thing you can do to "debug" a script is pop a message box when the script reaches a certain point. The syntax for that in FS is: message "message box text here"

Example script (feel free to paste into a script and try):
select all
plug-in "count items"
message "count Items plug-in has been run"
message "next PI should be check range"
pi "check range"

Hope this is of help.
Michael Johnson