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Posted By : Robert P. - 4/20/2004 1:30 PM

Just to let you know (for those who have missed it) that a new version of FinaleScript (1.1.4) for Windows if available for download at the usual download area:

Mac folks can take advantage of the 1.1.4 version by running Finale 2004b updater.

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Posted By : Michael Johnson - 4/20/2004 3:45 PM
The following is a list of changes to this version since Finale 2004b shipped for Windows in early March.
v      Pages are not formatted properly for "Print Booklet" Script.
v      Replace does not replace entries. replace entries or paste does work.
v      New wizard brings up a new default document instead of the setup wizard. n wz does work.
v      Options for the open command seem not to be working. "open midi", or "open ftm" does nothing, while "open" shows the Open dialog.
v      "select score" does not work, "select all" does work
v      "select layer x" will select measure x; you need to use "layer x" to  select layer x
v      "disable Automatic Music Spacing" won't disable this option in the Edit menu. Instead, music spacing takes place.
v      Edit Menu options:  - US version: "don't Auto Music Spacing" or "Auto Music Spacing" will issue a respacing command.  - German version: "(keine) automatische Musikausrichtung" won't do anything. FinaleScript seems to recognize the command but it has no effect.
v      "insert piano staves "piano"" inserts two staves in the wrong order: treble clef below bass clef. The bracket is also defined from bottom to top (lock strange). Added an extra feature which is to be able to specify the abbreviate name in string 2: add staff "Violin" "Vl." add piano staves "Piano" "Pno."
v      "all layers" is not an abbreviation for "show all layers".
v      "active layer only does anything. You have to write "show active layer only" or "hide other layers"
v      Display concert pitch on/off problems. You can set concert pitch once with "display concert pitch". Then you need to call "display concert pitch" again to set concert pitch OFF and "don't display concert pitch" to set concert pitch ON.

Michael Johnson
QA Supervisor

Posted By : Zuill - 4/21/2004 10:30 PM
I just read your post, Michael, and I'm confused. Is this a list of things that didn't work that now do? It seems more like a list of what doesn't work. And some of the sentences don't make sense: "active layer only does anything. What does that mean. If I was baffled by the language of Finale Script before, I am even more baffled now. Is this an update I really need with all of these things that don't work? (Like piano staves upside down?)


"When all is said and done, more is said than done."
Finale 2004b, Win 2000 or XP

Posted By : Robert P. - 4/22/2004 6:26 AM
Hi Zuill,

Michael meant a list of things that did not work and that the update DOES fix. I think indeed that the present tense made it a little confusing; for instance, for "Page are not formatted properly", read: "Page were not formatted properly", and so on. This is "bug-report" way of speaking.

In addition to Michael's list, here are a few new items and fixes in this version:

- a report line was unexpectedly added when using 'save' in command line.
- 'open ftm files' was broken (used for batch process).
- 'open all files' command was broken (opens any MUS, FTM, ETF and MIDI files)
- report enhanced: # of files is now given in header when batch processing a folder.
- report error messages have been enhanced (ex: when no more doc are available in 'switch' context, etc.)
- 'highlight' can be used instead of 'select' (ex: 'highlight first staff')
- 'template' can be used instead of 'ftm' (ex: 'open template files' during a batch process)
- '^l' user caret for 'line feed' search/replace worked erratically (both FinaleScript and Text Search and Replace)
- popular '^p' user caret has been added ( same effect as '^l' = line feed), both to FinaleScript and Text Search and Replace
- saving was erratic after a 'switch to next/previous doc' command.

I hope this helps

Posted By : mkelley - 4/27/2004 12:28 PM
Cool, it looks like this version solves a problem I was having (trying to open Template only files).

Off to download!