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Posted By : Graeme Gilmore - 4/23/2004 12:10 PM
One way to entice users to use FinaleScript is to make it attractive to work with. Presently, from my viewpoint, it is still in a very utilitarian stage. Here are some suggested enhancements for consideration.
  • Have tool tips appear when the cursor hovers over the row of icons below the script list in the FinaleScript plug-in.
  • If at all possible, find a way to allow the FinaleScript window and the Script Editor dialog box to be sizeable. It is no fun working in a small, cramped space. I expect the problem is that the box is a UserForm and not designed to change size on the fly. If they can be sized at some point in their creation, then possibly the Script Editor dialog box could be larger.
  • If the Script Editor dialog box cannot be sized, then could a Ctr+A or Select All option be added? That would allow rapid transfer of the program to and from a word processing program for more extensive editing or to hold for cut-and-paste operations.
  • It would feel tidier to have a place to save unwanted scripts for reference without cluttering up the script list, possibly in the style of folders.
  • Consider a separate PDF FinaleScript Manual to allow a more leisurely, and example heavy, presentation of the language, somewhat in the style of the Information and Tutorial Manual. It could also include the demonstration scripts (easy source for cut-and-paste), show other examples, and expands on programming options.

Finale 2004a, Windows XP

Posted By : Zuill - 4/23/2004 6:31 PM
Aso, for the common commands, if there could be a drop down list to choose from when composing a script. I have to keep closing my script and going to the sample script, which is tedious. A help file would be nice too. Also, a method of alerting one to commands that are not acceptable (like an error message). I suppose that is asking too much, but one can ask!


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Finale 2004b, Win 2000 or XP

Posted By : Robert P. - 4/23/2004 6:49 PM
Hi Graeme and Zuill,

Thanks so much for the good suggestions. Be certain that I am listening carefully.

Graeme wrote:
<<If at all possible, find a way to allow the FinaleScript window and the Script Editor dialog box to be sizeable.>>

Here I am really surprised, since both the palette and the script editor are resizable! (see screenshots). Is someone else experiencing the same thing: palette and editor not resizable!?

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Posted By : Graeme Gilmore - 4/24/2004 3:34 PM
Ah, I had not noticed until your post, but yes, they are resizeable. I just hadn't tried hoving my cursor at the edge of the form. Thanks.

Finale 2004a, Windows XP

Posted By : Michael Johnson - 4/27/2004 2:53 PM
Hi Graeme and Zuill --
Like Robert, I too am listening closely and am documenting your requests. Thank you for your comments. With regard to separate documentation / plethora of examples, I would like to see ideas that are generated from this forum get folded into the documentation that ships with Finale. It only takes time to do that.

Michael Johnson
QA Supervisor