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Posted By : john.poole - 4/28/2004 12:32 AM
Enhance Request
To the developer of the scripting plugin:

To load text files that contain script commands so that we can create
scripts that are truly scripts in our favorite text editors.
This would be a real plus; moreover, it would help organize the scripts,
there should also be the ability to traverse
directories so the scripts could be organized in a tree-like fashion under the
[Finale_Home]/plugins/scripting directory.

Source Control - Rapid Deployment Offer
If you provide the above, I'll provide a CVS free to Finale users that is
the cat's meow for Window's users and a breeze to install: Subversion
with TortoiseCVS

For Subversion, see:

The spiffy windows client to use with Subversion:

Then your development cycle could be near instantaneous and your
script users could keep up with yours (and other qualified developer's) new scripts you'll be offering
with little effort.

I submit this is an excellent way to spawn a thriving scripting community

Something to consider.

John Laurence Poole

Editions Poole
[email protected]

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Posted By : Michael Johnson - 5/5/2004 2:53 PM
Hi John--
Thank you for your interest in FinaleScript and your ideas to enhance the experience for all. I will log your request that scripts be in separate files to allow for easier management and sharing.
Concerning creating scripts in your favorite editor, you can already do that. The FinaleScript.dat file in the components folder of Finale 2004 is the file to edit in a text editor. While I do such a thing for a few reasons from time to time, benefits to a 3rd-party editor such as auto-formatting, error checking and keyword highlighting are not supported because FinaleScript isn't seen by those editors. 
As for a public/open-source library, this forum is the beginning of that. If things take off, certainly the idea of a public CVS makes sense.
Again, thank you for your ideas. I will be interested in reactions from others on this forum concerning the best ways to share scripts and develop the software.

Michael Johnson
QA Supervisor