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Posted By : Ansgar Krause - 7/21/2004 12:56 PM
It is one of the extended characters, the « (option-q) and the » (option-shift-q) on Mac.
Instead they should be replaced by option-? and option-! in one of my personal fonts, where they look different than usual.
Am I too stupid or is it a bug that Finale doesn't replace the characters?

Thanks for help - I have plenty of files to change!

Posted By : Robert P. - 7/21/2004 5:50 PM
Hi Ansgar,

I assume you refer to the German Mac keyboard.

I took 30 sec. to create the following script:

search "«" replace "¡"
search "»" replace "¿"

...that was succesful for me.

If you use a specific font, you might write:

search [font1] "«" replace "¡" [font2]
search [font1] "»" replace "¿" [font2]

Let me know if it doesn't work for you. If it does, you can batch process your many files!

Best regards,

Posted By : Ansgar Krause - 7/22/2004 9:52 AM
Thanks, Robert, but it doesn't work.
First I thought it would do it with the german language ("suche" instead of search and "ersetze" instead of replace), but it does simply nothing.
No - it seems to do something but there is no result.

I DID succeed in changing "times" to a different font, but not the desired charcaters in a textblock.

- Ansgar