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Posted By : Robert P. - 11/18/2004 4:17 AM
Hi FinaleScript addicts,

In addition to useful application fixes, Fin2005a includes several fixes and improvements for FinaleScript:

- FPA files are now recognized and can be batch processed. For instance, 'open fpa' will filter fpa files on a folder.
- execute menu item command has been enhanced. In particular, the item path (which is optional) now works properly.
- lock/unlock systems command was broken.
- import page format for parts command was missing.
- Several new document options were skipped when importing (such as Engraver Tuplet options, new Spacing options, etc.)
- In some unpredictable situations, some menu item calls were skipped.
- The FinaleScript palette could become unexpectedly undiscardable.

It is recommanded not to overwrite your finalescript.dat file when running the installer (you'll be warned), because it includes your personal scripts.

As a reminder the Finale 2005a update is available at:

By the way, below is a reminder of what was new in FinaleScript in Finale 2005 (TSAR stands for Text Search and Replace). Some of you will notice that their suggestions have been implemented. Again, it is not useless to suggest things on this forum!


*New commands in Fin 2005:

- menu item "[item name]" (or 'menu command'). Case, extra spaces, accents, dots, are ignored. You can specify the menu path using "/", ":" or "\".
- batch process subfolders/subdirectories to batch process the entire hierarchy of a directory.
- apply staff style "[style name]" (onto selection) . The name doesn't have to be rigorously the same : case, spaces, dots, hyphens, number in first position, are ignored.
- clear staff styles (for selection). You can specify one particuliar style : clear staff style "[style name]" to clear only that one.
- hide/show measure numbers
- reset (or default) measure numbers.
- launch window
- system/page margin. Syntax: left/right/top/bottom page margin xxx evpu. left/right/top/bottom system margin xxx evpu. Currently, you cannot specify odd or even pages (such as 'left odd page margin). The command depends on the mass selection (no select=whole doc). Reminder: you can use the command 'select page/system x [to y]'.
- title "xxx"
- copyright "xxx"
- composer "xxx"
- description "xxx". Note that you can insert line feeds ; ex : description "Awsome score!^pI am very proud of myself.^pBach wouldn't have done better."
- Many many missing tool shortcuts implemented ("slur" for the Slur tool, etc).

*Other recent features, fixes and misc. improvements in Fin 2005:

- run plug-in command now scans the whole Plug-ins hierarchy.
- select staff "xxx" has been enhanced : case, dots, accents, extra spaces, line feed are now ignored. Abbreviate name can be used (no need to specify) ; You can now type "select staff" alone for single-staff document.
- staff name "xxx". Ex : staff name "Flute" (full name only), staff name "Flute" "Fl." (full and abbr. names), abbreviate staff name "Fl." (abbr. only). User caret can be used ; ex : staff name "Clarinet^pin B^b".
- show layer x only was broken.
- break/create multimeasure rest was broken.
- Fixes in instrument transposition command. You can now write (ex): Instrument transposition Bb +2 octave, Instrument transposition Eb -1 octave, Instrument transposition D octave up, Instrument transposition F minus 1 octave (etc.)
- /*….*/ multiline comment style now possible in scripts.
- FS report : # of files to be processed in header, # of folders to be processed.
- Duplicate Script button has been added.
- UI : on OS X, the script action text was not double-flushed (so the action display was one step late).
- (Win only) FS accelerator router (when the palette has the focus) is more responsive, as well as the main FS toggled keycut (Ctrl+Alt+Q).
- If a space was missing before a quote (ex : search"xxx" instead of search "xxx"), the command before was skipped.
- TSAR/FS : For more specific match, search & replace command (in FS) support new attributes : 'file info' (or simply 'info'), 'title', 'composer', 'copyright', 'description'.
- TSAR : A link to FinaleScript's About box has been added to the floating db (expanded state).
- TSAR : As in Quark Xpress or Illustrator, font list in "Search" style is now limited to fonts in files (always compared to system's). This gives a quick overview of the document's fonts. Font text box allows virtually typing any font name, though.
- TSAR/FS : Search and Replace now supports repeat texts and staff style names (new checkbox added)
- TSAR, as a plug-in file, is now independent from FS.
- TSAR/FS : (WIN only) using the <xx> ASCII insertion command in search and replace could be erratic.
- Esc (win) Cmd+. now interrupts (and cancels) a script in process.
- Mac: in FinaleScript Editor, pressing Enter now saves and closes (Close and Save button is now highlighted). Pressing Return still adds a carriage return.
- Pressing Enter when the script list has the focus now takes to the Editor.
- Issues when navigating through the list have been fixed (Editor opening unexpectedly). Double-clicking within the list is more relyable.

I think that's it!