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Posted By : Arne - 12/27/2004 2:44 PM
Hello anyone
We have just installed the Smartmusic practice system on our computer.  We are now ready to register and activate to our SmartMusic Studio subscription.  According to the installation instructions we are supposed to go to and click on the "activate button".  We can't find this button on the homepage...
Please help us.  We really want to try out this superb practicing program.
Arne with family from Norway.

Posted By : Tyler - 12/27/2004 4:17 PM
What version of SmartMusic do you have? I don't remember when it changed - perhaps it was 8.0 - but now the activate button is in the program itself. If you don't have SmartMusic 8.3 or later, you should contact MakeMusic and have them send you the latest CD. I believe they'll send it to you for free. When you first launch the program, it should give you a way of activating. You can also do it from the Subscription menu in the Main Play Window.

Windows XP, all updates

Posted By : Arne - 12/27/2004 7:10 PM

Thank you for your reply, Tyler.

It seems that our version of SmartMusic is quite old.  I will try to get an update as soon as possible.

Thank you again and merry Christmas/Happy New year!!