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Posted By : Prism Shard - 1/8/2005 1:05 PM
I bought a subscription to SmartMusic and received my package in the mail.  When I tried to activate my subscription a weird error popped up and now the program claims that there are no subscriptions on my account.  I e-mailed [email protected] and got an automated response back that my MESSAGE WAS UNDELIVERABLE!
Is this some sort of a scam?  Why is there no customer service available?  Can someone please help?

Posted By : Tyler - 1/8/2005 1:25 PM
I've just sent a test e-mail to that address, and I'm waiting to see if I get an undeliverable message. So far I haven't. How long did it take for you to get yours (usually they come right away)?

It's no scam. Customer service and technical support for SmartMusic is usually outstanding. It's possible that some technical problem occurred when you tried sending your e-mail. You could try resending it now..

Actually, since they won't be in the office again till monday, you might just give customer service a call at that time since it's free.

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