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Posted By : bandth - 1/20/2005 4:37 PM
I am receiving an error when I go into exercise and methods.  This is what it says "One of the libray files needed to run this application cannot be funded.  Access violaton at address BFF8Ac13 in module Kernel32.dll.  Write of  address 006A1914."  I have reinstalled Windows 98 and reinstalled Smart Music 8.4.  What is the problem?  I have installed Smart Music 8.4 on Windows 98 & Windows XP Pro befroe and not have a problem.  Thanks

Posted By : Tyler - 1/20/2005 5:12 PM
Are you running Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition? I know there have been problems with running SmartMusic on the initial release of 98. Either way, you should send your question to [email protected] or give them a call directly.

Windows XP, all updates

Posted By : bandth - 1/20/2005 5:27 PM
I am using Window 98 2nd Edition. Thanks I think I will have to call in.

Posted By : brentlen - 2/17/2005 12:28 PM
Any updates to this situation?  I'm having the same problem.  As suggested by tech support I've updated registry settings, sound card, memory, Bios, and Direct X.  Nothing seems to help.  It works on any other Win98 SE computers that we have except the computers we need it to work on.