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Posted By : clergyurge - 1/30/2005 2:25 PM
Can anyone please tell me how to create a smart music file from a percussion exercise created in finale? Thanks.

Posted By : Tyler - 1/30/2005 4:27 PM
Intelligent accompaniment and assessment aren't designed to work with percussion instruments, so Finale doesn't have a way of saving a file with a percussion instrument selected as the solo line.

However, for my percussion students, it's still helpful to be able to play along with the accompaniments, reading from the screen to make sure their rhythm is accurate and that they are keeping steady time. So in order to create the accompaniments, I just choose a solo instrument that is allowed, such as flute.

The general procedure is to first extract the solo part you want displayed in SmartMusic from the score file (File menu >> Extract Parts). Then go to File >> New >> SmartMusic accompaniment wizard. Select the second option and open your score file (the full ensemble). Go to the File menu >> Save Special >> Save as SmartMusic Accompaniment. Choose the solo instrument, then select Flute or something as the corresponding instrument in SmartMusic. Highlight all instruments on the right except for the solo staff. Finally click the button for choosing a file to be displayed in SmartMusic. Choose your extracted solo part.

You need Finale 2005 and SmartMusic 8.5 (which was just released).

Windows XP, all updates

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