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Posted By : ESD - 2/6/2005 8:42 PM
I'm kind of confused about Smartmusic vis a vis a web connection. I thought I only needed a web connection to activate my account. I have a one year account. When I tried to run Smartmusic at a time I was disconnected from the web the program displayed the Activate screen.
Does this mean I cannot use the program unless I have an active web connection? The program is on my laptop. I might want to use it in a different location. Or there might be a time when there is a problem at the ISP and I can't connect to the web. Will that mean I can't use Smartmusic at that time?

Posted By : Tyler - 2/6/2005 9:02 PM
No, you don't have to be online at all times - it's only when you go to activate once a year. Two possibilities come to mind:

1. Activation didn't go through successfully the first time. Try to activate. If it lets you, that was probably the problem.

2. A hardware change caused the notebook computer to appear as a different computer to SmartMusic. Although it's supposed to be immune to this, it's possible that something like a wireless network card being swapped out or some other change caused the problem. Either way, if you can't activate the subscription again, give customer support a call tomorrow and they should be able to help you.

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