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Posted By : Funkifized - 2/11/2005 11:59 PM
I just installed Finale 2005 and the update to 2005b on my laptop. Every time I open a Finale file, I get an error message that says "SmartMusic Markers cannot be placed because the necessary file "SmartMusicMarkers.dll" could not be found in the Component Files directory. You must reinstallthe missing file from your Finale CD to use this feature." I don't even know what SmartMusic Markers are, and I certainly don't need this error message popping up every time I start Finale. How do I fix this?

Posted By : Tyler - 2/12/2005 4:17 AM
I have that file showing up in my Finale 2005\Component Files folder. Do you have it in yours? If it's not there, you might try reinstalling Finale, making sure any security software is disabled during the installation. If that doesn't do it, send an e-mail to customer support and ask them to zip that file and send it to you.

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