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Posted By : BBBoy - 2/22/2005 10:50 AM
Has anyone found a way to have the student's information transferred into a spreadsheet or database for the entire class rather than having SM create a separate notepad file for each performance?
We are looking at using this "in house" not via email. 
Thanks in advance.

Posted By : Tyler - 2/22/2005 1:15 PM
I don't know of a way to automate the process. The text in the notepad file is actually formatted to fit well in a spreadsheet program, so if you open the text file and copy the contents directly to a spreadsheet program, it will appear correctly in the spreadsheet software. This means it would probably be pretty simple to write a program that could go through and take the wanted data from each of these notepad files.

Go ahead and send your question to customer support and also suggest it as a feature request if it does turn out to be impossible right now.

Windows XP, all updates

Posted By : BBBoy - 2/22/2005 5:50 PM
Thanks Tyler....That worked great.  I did talk to customer service earlier, and thay said that they would pass on this request to the development people, and that this would seem to be something that they would likely take care of sooner rather than later.  I hope so.
Thanks again!  smilewinkgrin