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Posted By : Juanita - 3/20/2005 2:26 AM
I'm writing a paper this week in my Master's class about Smart Music and how it can help a school music program.  Especially to help students to practice more on thier own. I would love to hear how people use the system, does it help you or your students practice more, and what you think about the results!  Thanks for your help!

Posted By : Howie J - 3/20/2005 2:51 PM

I just purchased Smart Music this year, well I guess it was December, but close enough. I have known about Smart Music for a while now, but I finally got around to get it working and get my subscription. I am a senior (and then some) Music Ed major in Minneapolis and I'm currently using Smart Music to prepare for my Senior Recital. I also played my jury last semester with Smart Music as my accompanist. I'm kind of the tech guy around school, since I have an associates degree in Recording Engineering, so I head up all the technology in the department and I'm working to put smart music on our Finale laptops so students can practice without shelling out tons of money in accompanist rehearsal fees. I also upgraded my Finale version and have created one of my accompanament parts that was not in Smart Musics Library. If you can make a score in Finale, you can create an accompanament. I have also used it while teaching private lessons and it works great. I have it on my Powerbook so I always have a portable piano player. The students who played with Smart Music at home showed greater accuracy than those without it. It definitely is a great purchase for students and professionals alike. The cost is almost negligible if you add up the cost of hiring accompanists for rehearsing. You can play with the piano everyday, all day for almost nothing.

Howie J

Posted By : Juanita - 3/20/2005 3:06 PM
Thanks, Howie, that's awesome. I agree, that would have made juries a lot easier to work on and perform. It was always annoying when the pianist would take off at the wrong tempo and leave you hanging.... I play violin and only recently have they refined their technology to be able to accuratly track the sound, so I have not yet tried it, although I have tried it with my limited flute ability and found it addicting. I also teach elementary band and we are going to be getting a district license for it soon. I'm excited to see how my students interact with it. I like the idea of always having a portable piano player!

With your private students, were there any that tried SM and didn't follow thru or did they pretty much stick to it?