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Posted By : daveeee - 4/1/2005 10:19 PM
I am a student who has purchased smartmusic accompaniment software through my teacher. My teacher has already given me the code that I need to activate my subscription however, when I enter the code into the setup wizard and press “submit,” nothing happens. My internet connection is working and my smartmusic account is valid. As well, I know other students of my teacher that have purchased smartmusic through him and they have been able to get their subscription going fine. How do I fix this?

Posted By : Tyler - 4/3/2005 4:31 PM
I recommend you go ahead and call their support or e-mail them directly. They'll be able to get you going quickly.

Windows XP, all updates

Posted By : Carla @ MakeMusic - 4/4/2005 10:59 AM
Usually, if nothing happens after clicking Submit, it means that SmartMusic is having difficulty connecting to the internet. Sometimes this means there is a Firewall that is blocking SmartMusic (but not your browser). I would double-check for any security software, such as SP2 in WinXP or Norton Firewall. If you're still having problems, feel free to give us a call for more personalized help at 866.240.4041.


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