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Posted By : dubaifox - 11/17/2005 10:16 AM
So I have discovered....or rather my students have discovered it is pretty easy to get 100% result without even trying.
Just turn off the accompaniment, crank up the volume and Smartmusic hears itself and gives 100% score.
Any way around this little trick?

Posted By : Tyler - 11/17/2005 1:28 PM
Here are some possibilities:

1. The Grade text file that gets saved states whether the solo line was on or off (You'll see SoloOn and then below it a Yes or No). You could require that the solo line be off. The text file itself is easy for students to modify, so you'd have to tell them that you can easily check to see that the "last modified" time on the text file and the screenshot match. The initial listed time I see is accurate to the minute, and right-clicking the files and choosing properties shows it down to the precise second.

2. Require them to use the Record feature and save mp3 recordings for each screenshot they turn in. They wouldn't necessarily have to turn in all the recordings, or at least not all the time. You could tell them that at the end of each 6 weeks that you are going to pass out CD's for them to put their recordings on and submit. For the few who don't have CD burners (not going to be many these days), you could have them send them via e-mail.

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Posted By : dubaifox - 11/18/2005 9:58 AM
Thanks for the response Tyler.
Which brings me to my next question. Of the 50 kids I have using smart music, it seems like only 1/3 of the email grade reports use the format where it shows whether or not the solo line was on or off. Many times it is just a short sentence saying the songs, speed, number of notes correct and percent. (Which as you mentioned is very easy to edit. The second easiest way to cheat).
I think it might have to do with whether you select "Email Results" rather than "Save to desktop" and then email the attachment from your email program. Many kids can't get the "Email Results" configured correctly.
Emailing the sound files or saving them to disk is an option, however 50 kids emailing you large files can get a bit problematic on your server. Our school has a pretty slow server. Having the kids bring the audio on a flash disk or burnt to a CD might be the best method?

Posted By : Tyler - 11/21/2005 6:39 AM
Okay, I took a look at the various behaviors of the text. When a person chooses to e-mail directly, it will either say "the computer was playing the solo line" or it will say nothing about it. If instead they save the text file to their desktop and attach that, you will see a field called "SoloOn" and later either a Yes or a No.

So the only real way to use this would be to require them to save the file to their desktop and attach it rather than use the direct e-mail grade option in SmartMusic. They can easily edit the e-mail to remove the "computer was playing..." text. But with the attached .txt files, you can check the last edit time.

I think the biggest thing will be simply telling the kids that you can see if they've changed their files. Once they believe you can tell if they are cheating, they should be less likely to try it. :-)

Windows XP, all updates