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Posted By : gluckow - 12/8/2005 1:19 PM
I'm interested in using a keyboard (midi, connected through usb 2.0, m-audio ) as a solo instrument to play with the jazz exercises and jazz songs listed in the file.  The reason, of course, is to learn some ad-lib skills.  The set up WIZARD asks about the midi keyboard and it responds (the area turns green when I touch a key), HOWEVER, when I bring up a song or exercise, nothing is heard.  When I look in the "help", it says to choose "keyboard" from the instrument list,  unfortunately, "keyboard" is NOT in that list.  I looked for a MIDI setup option but could not find one other then the Wizard mentioned above.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thanks, Gordy.

Posted By : Tyler - 12/10/2005 5:01 AM
Currently, the only support for MIDI keyboard in SmartMusic is with SMP files. These are files created with one of the Finale products. While they do include a few samples (I didn't see any jazz titles), the real purpose of the feature is to allow users, usually teachers, to enter songs into Finale and then convert them to SmartMusic accompaniments.

As far as what your current options are, if your keyboard has sounds of its own, you could take a look at the piano transcriptions in the included jazz songs. For example, from the main play window go to the File menu >> open, and look in the Music On Screen >> Jazz folder. open one of the selections, and then for instrument choose Piano or Organ Transcription. If you don't want the piano to play with you, you can turn it off by clicking the Instrumentation button and then unchecking the piano/organ. You might switch between playing the notes as written and improvising on the chords.

MIDI keyboard is pretty new to SmartMusic, and hopefully over time they will continue to add more repertoire and functionality for it. If I haven't answered your question well enough, I suggest contacting customer support directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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