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Posted By : Dave BTW - 1/3/2006 7:01 PM
I am a long-time Finale user (Since Ver 2.2). Recently my daughter has been learning the soprano recorder. Is there any support for this instrument in Smart Music? I know I can make my own files with Finale, but am looking for a quick start.


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Posted By : Tyler - 1/4/2006 1:44 AM
Support for recorder is fairly limited, but there are some things. Here's what you have:

1. Exercises - the skill builders, including scales, twisters, intervals, arpeggios - these aren't really songs, although having an accompaniment makes them more enjoyable than playing these sorts of things usually is. Beginning to Advanced

2. Rhythm Exercises. Beginning to Advanced

3. Play-by-Ear Exercises - these are a good challenge for any level. It plays a measure or two and then you play what you heard.

4. Six Sample songs - These are not geared for the beginner. Mostly intermediate level.

I actually play recorder with the sample songs for Piccolo, usually some Handel sonatas and pieces from musicals. These range from intermediate to advanced.

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Posted By : dubaifox - 1/22/2006 4:51 AM
I experimented with this as well, and found that the violin beginner books work very well, that is the songs that only use the D string and higher. There are several.

The problem with beginners is that you end up often playing in the Key of E, D, or G and this is a little bit of a pain for beginning recorder players.

I wish there were support for quitar as well!