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Posted By : mshobie - 8/17/2012 10:31 AM
I teach in a very urban school district. My students very rarely complete a lesson book in 3 years.  We (as teachers)change buildings every year and students move from school to school as well.  We also teach in at least 3 buildings a year.
I WANT TO USE SMART MUSIC FOR MY EXTREMELY SLOW LEARNING MUSICIANS!   What programs and/or software would be most beneficial?  Thank you!!!

Posted By : don612 - 8/18/2012 6:26 PM
Not sure what you are asking but you could use and SM method book with your students. I assign about 4-5 method book exercises each week to my 220 middle school students and they generally can complete 1 method book a year. Slow students would probably go slower. The challenge for you will be:

1. Do they have home computers?

2. Can they purchase the yearly SM subscription?

In my case, around 180 of my students pay for yearly home subscriptions. I have 3 lab stations at school for student who do not have a home subscription.

Your situation may not be the same as mine but you CAN use SM to move these students along. You will need to be creative in solving your individual challenges. Good luck!